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Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q.'s)

For general Customer service information regarding our "Worry Free Lowest Price Guarantee", accepted payment methods, shipping rates, tax rates, etc., please reference our Customer Service page.

Why don't you offer free shipping?
We are aware that some web sites offer "free" shipping. Even though they say they have "free" shipping, most tack on a packaging or handling fee when you check out. You can also be sure that they have adjusted their merchandise prices to cover expected shipping charges. What really matters is your final total cost. At DecorateToGo.com we don't inflate our merchandise prices to cover shipping charges. We offer the best possible price for the products we sell and you pay the appropriate shipping charges based on the quantity you order. This simple formula provides the best value for you, our customer.

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How do I figure how much wallpaper to order?
First, the industry standard for pricing and packaging wallpaper can be confusing. Wallpaper is priced by the single roll and packaged in most cases in two-roll bolts. That means that you have to order in "even" numbers of rolls only. There are two basic sizes of wallpaper rolls, European double rolls (20.5 inches wide by 33 feet long) and Standard double rolls (27 inches wide by 27 feet long). There is always some trimming waste when hanging wallpaper that varies with the pattern repeat. A good rule of thumb is to allow 22 square feet per single roll. Using this method, you just calculate the total square footage of wall space that you intend to cover and divide by 22. This will give you the number of single rolls that you need and you round up to the next even number. Naturally this can vary based on the number of doors and windows, ceiling height, and cutting errors by your installer. You also need to consider the pattern repeat which will determine the amount of waste each time you make a cut. It is always better to have a little too much than to run short - you never know when you might need to patch a spot later on. If you do come up short, you can usually order more, but there is no guarantee that you can get the same run (or dye lot).

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How do I figure how much wallpaper border to order?
Most wallpaper borders are packaged in 15 foot rolls or spools. To determine how many rolls you need you simply measure the length you want to cover and divide by 15. For example, to put a border at the ceiling of a 10 ft. by 15 ft. room, you first measure the perimeter of the room (10 + 15 + 10 + 15 = 50 feet). Divide 50 by 15 and you get 3.33 or you would need 4 rolls of border. It's a good idea to have a few extra feet to match the pattern from one roll to the next.

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How do I prepare my walls for the application of Wallpaper or Wallpaper Borders?
This is a critical step in the wallpapering process. The whole point is to seal the wall to minimize moisture transfer and provide a hanging surface that will permit the wallpaper to bond to it successfully and yet strip cleanly years later. New drywall, AKA sheet rock, or gypsum board must have its seams plastered, sanded, dust removed and painted with a quality wall prep sealer. So why wall prep? The new dry wall needs to be sealed so all the moisture will not be pulled into the wall. The surface must allow both bond, so the wallpaper stays up and release when the paper is taken down. Without this sealant, an attempt to remove the wallpaper will result in pulling the drywall liner off as well, necessitating repairs. Other more obvious needs of the primer are to cover up any writing or printing on the drywall. Wallpaper is almost always opaque but red print on drywall, under white wallpaper will very likely show through. When hanging over older walls the surface must be clean, grease and oil free and undamaged. Wallpaper is a decorative product; it will not mask damaged walls. If, however, the walls you are planning to hang are rough, damaged or brightly colored and you don't plan repairs, or repainting, you may want to consider wall liner as a cover up base. Wall liner is a nonwoven sheet of cellulose and polyester fibers; the product is fairly stiff and board-like, intended to bridge gaps and rough spots and provide a smooth hanging surface. Properly applied it should be hung railroad fashion, that is side to side, not up and down. The reason for this unusual hanging style is so the seams of the under layer do not line up with the wallpaper seams making bulges. You still need to apply a primer to the wall liner. This will help the wallpaper bond to the wall liner.

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What is the Run Number?
Wallcovering is machine made and is printed in large quantities several times a year to fill customer demands. Run numbers are assigned to each specific dye lot manufactured. Each time a wallcovering or border is printed, the shade and color can vary and the edge where the design is trimmed may also vary slightly. The run number or dye lot number is usually printed on the manufacturer's label or attached with a separate label. Because of technology advancement, run numbers are not the problem they once were. If the variation is slight, many times you can use different runs in the same room by changing the runs in the corner, so the color difference is not noticeable. This technique is possible because the light reflections in corners usually makes one wall appear darker than the other, making the difference between the print runs virtually unnoticeable.

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Can DecorateToGo.com "special order" items not shown on this Web site?
Yes. If you would like a quote for a wallpaper or wallpaper border pattern not shown on our Web site, visit our "Request a Quote" page and provide all the necessary information and we will do our best to locate the pattern for you. For decorative items and framed or unframed art, please email us with detailed information about what you are looking for and we will let you know if we can find it.

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